[Adult Class] Semester Summary

Hi All!

The semester is almost over!! Can you believe that? I'd like to thank you all for your time and dedication coming to class on Sunday!  I hope you all enjoyed the Festival of Nations. Due to some communication issues, we were not able to take a full class picture (oh well!) but hope you all enjoyed yummy food and cultural experiences there! Attached is the summary of what we covered this semester. I tried to jam in everything there in a simple way, so it may be lack of explanations. Please take a look, and if you're unsure about something, please go over the class handout, or feel free to shoot me email! I'd be happy to go over it with you. A few announcements here: 1. Registration for Adult Class for Fall semester is open now. If you're planning on signing up for next semester, you would get $10 off if you enroll by 8/11.  https://www.school.mnkorea.org/reg-2019-fall-adult 2. Are we all okay going to Hoban in Engan on the last day of class for dinner after class? Probably no Karaoke after, but it'd be nice to have a nice farewell party before the semester is over! If you won't be able to make it, please let me know! Otherwise, I'll call and make a reservation next week. This coming Sunday, I'm planning on making some slides to show around Korea. I.e. Some good places to go on a trip in Korea, other less-popular Korean Food that you may not have heard of, etc. So you can learn about some culture instead of some boring grammar time! After the class, I will send you the slides so you can refer to it later! Then I will see you this Sunday! Best regards, Yuna

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2020 가을학기 성인반 담임 이유나 입니다. 상황별 일상생활 표현 익히기 한국 방송을 통한 다양한 한글표현 습득 ​한자표현(사자성어)를 통한 다양한 표현방식 구현

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