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[초등 2반] 제12주 수업 - Distance learning

수업일: 2020. 4. 12(일)

제 4과 책을 읽어요.

필요한 교재: 맞춤 한국어 2, 대한민국 5대 상징물을 찾아라!

You will need two textbooks for today's lesson. I attached all the pages of the books that will cover today's lesson.

In this lesson, you will learn about "verbs" (동사)

Goal : 1.You can make a sentence using appropriate verbs with particles 을/를.

2.You can recite 국기에 대한 맹세 (pledge of allegiance)

1. Listen to the CD (track 7,8) and finish the whole lesson including Korean culture page.

2. Learn about matching verbs according to the certain nouns.

-Read out loud below with your parents and practice repeatedly ;

신문,책, 잡지책, 설명서 (newspaper, book, magazine, instruction) --- 읽다 (read)

그림 (paint)- 그리다 (draw)

우유, 오렌지 쥬스, 물 (milk, orange juice, water) --- 마시다 (drink)

텔리비젼, 영화, 유튜브(television, movie, YouTube) ---- 보다 (watch)

밥, 과자, 빵(rice, cookies, bread) ----- 먹다 (eat)

3. Particle ~을/를 ; consonant ending nouns -을, vowel ending nouns -를

: Particles don't have a meaning but they indicate the noun (that is attached to) is the object of the sentence.

=연습문제 : Write 을 or 를 in the blank. = Please write all down in your notebook and share with me.

ㄱ. 책( ___) 읽다.

ㄴ. 공부(____) 하다.

ㄷ. 공(____) 던지다.

ㄹ. 옷(____) 입다.

ㅁ. 편지(_____) 쓰다.

ㅂ. 뉴스(_____) 보다.

ㅅ. 물(____) 끓이다.

ㅇ. 나무(____) 심다.

ㅈ. 손(_____) 씻다

ㅊ. 기차(____) 타다.

* 숙제 Homework*

Write about what you had for breakfast , lunch and dinner using appropriate verbs.

It is okay to use present tense instead of past tense.

*While you write, please keep in mind to use the particle "을 or 를" before you write a verb.

(my example)

아침 - 나는 시리얼을 먹었다(먹다). 오렌지 쥬스를 마셨다(마시다)

점심- 나는 샌드위치를 먹었다(먹다). 우유를 마셨다(마시다)

저녁- 나는 고기를 먹었다(먹다) 물을 마셨다(마시다)

4. Let's move on to the book ; 대한민국 5대 상징물을 찾아라! (Parent's help needed)

Please finish the following pages 6-9.

Watch YouTube videos that I linked.

5. I thought it has been a long time to see each other's faces, I wanted to do something different this week.

I decided to read a short story to you all. You can tell I haven't done this type of self videotaping before. I only spoke in Korean in the video. I attached a link that I was reading. You can read along with me if you want! If you want, I will invite you to record yourself reading and share with me!

Enjoy !

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