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[초등 2반] 제13주 수업 - Distance learning

수업일: 2020. 4. 19(일)

제5과 우유가 좋아요

필요한 교재: 맞춤 한국어 2 , 대한민국 5대 상징물을 찾아라!

You will need two textbooks for today's lesson. I attached all the pages of the books that will cover today's lesson.

In this lesson, you will learn about names of food.


1.You can name the food.(음식 이름)

2. You can use the words 좋아요/좋아해요. 싫어요/싫어해요

3. You can sing Korean National Anthem 애국가.


1. Listen to the CD (track 9,10) and finish the whole lesson including Korean culture page.

2. Write down your favorite food and least favorite food.

Then, interview your 가족 (엄마,아빠, 형,누나,언니, 오빠, 동생 등) , ask them about what are their favorite food and least favorite food. Write down in the notebook(수학 일기장). Take a picture of your notebook and share with me.

Remember to use particles 는/은, 을/를


나는 _______을/를 좋아해요.

나는 _______을/를 싫어해요

(Interview example )

나: 엄마, 무슨 음식을 좋아해요?

엄마: 엄마는 불고기를 좋아해요.

나: 엄마, 무슨 음식을 싫어해요?

엄마: 엄마는 타코를 싫어해요

*숙제 homework*

Now, you know your family member's favorite food and least favorite food.

Draw a graph or table of your family's favorite food.

You can draw or write. Take a picture of it and share with me.

Let's find out which food is your family's favorite food and least favorite food.

And of course, you have to write in KOREAN. :)

3. Let's move on to the book ; 대한민국 5대 상징물을 찾아라! (Parent's help needed)

Please read the following pages 10-12 and finish the pages.

Lastly, listen to 애국가 (The Korean National Anthem).

I attached two 애국가 videos. One has English subtitle.

I hope these videos will help you to fill out the lyric on page 12.

4. Story time

I uploaded a video of me reading a short story, again. I attached a file of the book.

Please read with me! If you can't open the PDF file, click the three dots on the upper corner and choose "open in a new window."

----------> Again, I made another Quizlet to study for you <---------------

Here is this week's Quizlet link! Go over all the words that you learned and have fun!

Today's lesson Quizlet link

My Quizlet link to study all the lessons

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