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[초등 2반] 제15주 수업 - Distance learning

수업일: 2020. 5. 3(일)

제 7과 누가 노래해요? Hello everyone!

I can't believe it is already MAY! I hope you all are doing fantastic and enjoying this beautiful weather!

Before we start today's lesson, there is a quick announcement.

There will be two new things that we will try this week and following week.

a. Quiz- You will take a short quiz (all the lessons that we have done so far)

b. Start to read a Korean traditional folktale : 아기 돼지 삼형제 and videotape yourself.

I hope these new things won't make you feel overwhelmed but it will be beneficial to you in the end.

Next week will be our last day of Spring semester! It has been challenging for us but I am so proud of you. You have been working so hard!

필요한 교재 : 맞춤 한국어 2, 대한민국 5대 상징물을 찾아라!

You will need two textbooks for today's lesson. I attached all the pages of the lesson for today's lesson.

In this lesson, you will learn 누가 (who).

Goal: You can ask question using 누가.

1. Listen to the CD (track 14,15) and finish the whole lesson including Korean culture page.

2. 누구(who) + particle 가 ;

Particle 가 is a subject particle. It indicates the noun that is attached is the subject of the sentence.

There are more subject particles besides 가.

~는/은, ~이/~가 ; we will cover these particles later but encourage your child to use these particles on daily basis.

3. Move onto the next textbook 대한민국의 5대 상징물을 찾아라.

Please finish the page 16-17 with your child.

I attached an old Korean news article regarding the lost old Korean emblems during Korean war. Pretty interesting to watch.


*숙제 homework*

1. I would like to know what your family are doing today using the subject particles( 은/는, 이/가) AND object particles(을/를).

Write down the question using 누가 and answer and share with me.


Q. 누가 무엇을 해요?

A. 엄마는(가) 요리를 해요.

2. Read 아기 돼지 삼형제. I assigned each student a page or two to read. I tried my best to divide equally.

I expect you to read assigned pages and record yourself by next week. I know it will be challenging to read all by yourself. Therefore, I am allowed to record the video with your parents or siblings. I am sorry that I didn't give you all enough time to practice but you don't have to be perfect. I just wanted to see how much you try to read, so just do your best.

내를리- slide page 2-3

데이빗- slide page 4

민재- slide page 5

예림이- slide page 7


한국의 5월 5일은 어린이 날(Children's day)이예요. 이 날에는 특별히 부모들이 어린이들과 함께 시간을 보내거나, 어린이가 평소에 가지고 싶어했던 물건 등을 선물해주기도 하는 날이예요.

Sing this famous Korean children's day song with your family.

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