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[초등 2반] 제16주 수업 - Distance learning

수업일: 2020. 5. 10(일)

2020 봄학기 마지막 수업입니다.

제 8과 언제 수영해요?

Today is the last day of the Spring semester. I am sad to say goodbye online to my students. I wish I could give you all a hug. I know this isn't common to finish a semester this way. It has been very challenging to all of us. But I would like to say thank you for understanding and participating my online lessons till the end.

To the students, keep on practicing Korean and hopefully we will have a more conversation in Korean! :)

Thank you, parents for helping out and encouraging your child to learn Korean. Without your support, we wouldn't do this! Hope you all have a safe and healthy summer and will see you all again with a bigger smile!

Lastly, all the mothers out there, Happy Mother's Day to you all!! Enjoy your day!

필요한 교재 : 맞춤 한국어 2, 대한민국 5대 상징물을 찾아라.

You will need two textbooks for today's lesson. I attached all the pages of today's lesson.

In this lesson, we will learn about the time of day.

언제 (When), 오늘(today), 내일(tomorrow), 어제(yesterday), 아침(morning),오후(afternoon),저녁, 밤(night)

Goal 1. You can name the time of day. 아침,오후,저녁.

2. You can name 어제, 오늘, 내일.

3. You can name 5 symbols of Korea.(국기, 국가, 국화, 나라도장, 국가문장)

1. Listen to the CD (Track 16, 17) and finish the whole lesson including Korean culture page.

2. 명사+에 , the particle ~에 indicates time when it is attached to a time noun, such as 시, 분, or 아침, 오후, 저녁, 밤.

3. Move onto the next textbook 대한민국 5대 상징물을 찾아라.

It will be the last 5th symbol of Korea.

Please finish the page 18-19 with your child.

Can you name all the 5 symbols of Korea?

* I found this video that is covered the whole book"대한민국 5대 상징물을 찾아라!." It is 30 mins long video and explains all the 5 symbols of Korea. It is a very educational video. I loved it! Enjoy!

========*homework 숙제 * =========

1. Write a mini diary using the time of day including particle (~에) and all the other particles you have learned and share with me. Try to write 3 sentences.

ex) 나는 아침에 한글 공부를 했다(하다)

나는 오후에 점심을 먹었다(먹다)

나는 밤에 텔레비젼을 봤다(보다)

2. Record yourself reading the assigned pages of the book 아기 돼지 삼형제. Don't forget to turn in your video as I will use your videos to create a storybook for all of you.

Lastly, I added a video of famous Korean song, 당신은 사랑받기 태어난 사람. I thought this song could be a great song for the end of the semester. Because......... you all are born to be loved! :)

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