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[초등1반] 제3주 수업

수업일: 2023. 2. 12(일) 2:00-4:40

Dear Parents,

I am sorry for my late notification. As I have two little children myself, I have been very busy lately for preparing competitions and other kids' events. I apologize and also sincerely appreciate for your kind understanding.

1st hour:

- 자음, 모음 읽기

- ㄷ 으로 시작하는 글 쓰기 연습

- 아리랑, 모두가 꽃이야: 가사 읽고 따라 부르기

2nd hour:

- 구름빵 읽고 따라 부르기

- 할머니의 시계 p.1 읽기

3rd hour:

- We made a Korean hand drum

Thank you.

Ms. Nami



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