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[초등1반] 제6주 수업

수업일: 2022. 10. 2(일) 2:00-4:40

한글학교 수업 6차:

1교시: 이제까지 배운것 자음 모음 복습, 쉬운 글 읽기

2교시: 쉬운 문장 읽기, 아리랑 노래 읽고 따라 부르기

3교시: 태권도

Notes: 따라 쓰기 숙제

Korean Language Class #6:

1st Hour: We reviewed all the consonants and vowels. We read easy words.

2nd Hour: We read and wrote ten very simple sentences. Read A Ri Rang song and sang together.

3rd Hour: Tae Kwon Do outside

Notes: There is a homework to copy letters that we learned.

See you next Sunday! Thanks!

Ms. Nami



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