Making Chuseok food


This Sunday is Korean Thanksgiving called Chuseok/추석.

We will make some Chuseok foods and taste them during our extracurricular activity time as below.

Thank you Ms. Kim, Hye-Jeong and Ms. Ha, Nami for the preparation!

  • Schedule: Sunday, September 23 3:50 PM - 4:40 PM (recess 3:30 PM - 3:40 PM)

  • Chuseok Food: Songpyeon, Korean pan-fried meatball, Sikhye (drink)

  • Participants: All Korean language students and parents

From 3:50pm, young students will start making these foods with materials already prepared.

For adult classes, you all are welcome to start from scratch with some experts around 2:30pm after a short class or can do the class until 3:40 in one group.

We will individually contact you if we need some utensils such as large bowls, frying pans, electric frying pans, etc.). It looks good for now though.


Have a nice week and see you this Sunday, Chuseok/추석. Thank you!

Young Hoon Ham (principal of Korean Language School)