News Oct 25, 2018


Hi students and parents,

Hope you all have been enjoying this fall well without catching a cold. Halloween is just around the corner!

I would like to thank all who participated in the last Bazaar. We hope you had fun and could get some nice Korean food ingredients. The profit we made about $400 will go to the Korean language school fund!

Two extracurricular activities (4-4:40 pm) in the next two weeks are here. You are welcome to join both activities.

This coming Sunday (October 28th), kids will make/decorate Halloween paper bags with some Korean letters and drawings. Soon after this (around 4:15 pm), Korean language quiz stations will be in each classroom, office, and other spaces and students will have chances to answer Korean language quizzes that teachers and parents give. Each question including words, expressions, short sentences would be tailored to the level of each student. Every time students answer correctly, she/he will get a candy/chocolate. We would appreciate your participation in providing quizzes and candy to students (4-4:40).

*** Students can wear Halloween costumes if both you and kids are OK (sorry for this late notice).

Next Sunday (November 4th), we will have another 국민체조 (exercise) and kids' zumba with the guidance of Ms. Yoonmi Barfuss.

We will have a small activity and a small surprise (gift) that day related to promoting/encouraging voting on Tuesday, Nov 6.

Please let me know if you have any questions and suggestions. Thank you. See you Sunday.

Young-Hoon (Ham), principal


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