The 100th March First Independence Movement Day YouTube Video Contest

Good afternoon!


Warm greetings from Chicago Korean Education Center.

We have made continuous efforts for US teenagers to get to know better about Korea for years.

We are delighted to announce that we are going to hold a YouTube Video Contest to celebrate the 100th March First Independence Movement Day this year.

Please find the attached to learn more about our event. You can feel free to print them out to promote the event around you.

Korean school students/ non-Korean school students/ Korean American/ Non Korean American/ any US teenagers can participate!

** If the winning student(team) is from a Korean community school, the school will be also offered an additional cash prize.

**Teachers of Korean community schools and Korean classes in K-12 US schools can teach the meaning of March First Independence Movement and let students participate this event as a project task. It would be a great educational experience for them. (Even a chance to win!)

"The 100th March First Independence Movement Day YouTube Video Contest"

[Eligibility] any Elementary/Junior high/High school students (as individuals & as teams)

[Video Requirement] Create a shot video for non-Koreans to understand the meaning of March First Independence Movement Day

- Language: English (or Korean w/ English subtitles)

- Length : about 2 minute *High resolution would be desirable!

[Participation] Submit your YouTube link with your personal info at:

[Deadline] ~ Midnight, Feb 20(Wed)

[Prize] (Elementary/ Junior high/ High School Each)

Grand Prize Award : 1 student(team) each $500

Highest Standing Award : 3 student(team) each $300

Excellence Award : 3 student(team) each $100

Participation Award : About 10 students(teams) Gift card






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