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[Spring 2020] Live chat service

Dear students and parents,

I believe that all students and parents have received all the information about the online class room from your child(ren)’s teacher. Each week’s assignments will be uploaded to each classroom before 2pm every Sunday.

If possible, please have your children study and log in the classroom on their own every Sunday from 2 – 4:40pm. I am sure they will study Korean by themselves through their online class.

While they are studying Korean every Sunday, I will open two live chat services for parents.

1) Live chat with me: 2-4:40pm on Sundays (3/29-5/10)

2) Live chat room for parents(at any time): (password was sent)

There is no limit to join in a Live chat room. I hope those two live chat services would help your inquiries.

I look forward to seeing you thru our website during Korean class.

Thank you.

KAAM Korean Language Program

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