[Adult Class] Week 1

Korean Class 8-29


It was nice seeing you yesterday, and nice meeting you 수정씨 & 은비씨! Also I hope you all enjoyed the game as played (윷놀이). We might find some time to play it again :)

Starting this coming weekend, our class schedule is as below.

Adult Class #1 (Current students) - Sunday 2 PM-4PM

Adult Class #2 (Natasha & Lennea) - Saturday 10AM-12PM

Optional Class (Bi-weekly)- Wednesday 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Again, let's try for a few weeks and if your current class is too easy or too difficult, we may move around, so just let me know!

Our 1st Optional class is scheduled for this Wednesday. Please make sure to sign up by noon tomorrow, if you're interested in the topic!

Signup sheet is here:


I'll send you Webex invite prior to each class. Please watch your email and stay tuned.




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