[Adult Class 1] Week 11

Korean Class 11-14 Class note

안녕하세요! It was good to see you all last Week at the school. The semester is almost over!! (can you believe it?)

Today, we learned 돼요, 안돼요 (it's okay to do~, it's not okay to do~), also a little bit of ~면서 form (while doing~).

Next week, we're going to do semester review, and I'll send you Final Exam sheet you're going to work on until the last day 12/5, then we'll go over the exam questions together.

One more announcement -

we have our final optional class this Wednesday at 6:30! The topic is "Korean Restaurants & Grocery stores in Twin Cities". Please come join me and share our opinions about the best/worst Korean restaurants in Twin Cities. It would be fun

(Please make sure to sign up by Tuesday noon if you want to join! )


Have a great week & see ya next week.

감사합니다 :)


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