[Adult Class 1] Week 13

Korean Class 12-5 Class note


So today was the last day! Thank you SO MUCH for spending your Sunday afternoon with me for the last 3 months (and all those years)! I truly enjoyed teaching & interacting with you, and the friendship we built together!

We will stay in touch for sure, so don't be so sad!!

Attached is the class note from today, and I'll send you instagram messages from time to talk about :

1. Our future field trip plan to visit Chicago & Hmart together (+ Korean spa experience!)

2. Our "new year" get-together party (Potluck or go to Korean restaurant) - TBA

3. How Logan's doing.

4. And just random stuff & say hi occasionally :)

Thanks for all the good memories & I hope to come back to teach you guys soon sometime.


안녕히 계세요!


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