[Adult Class] Week 7

Summary of Korean Class 10/21 and Homework

안녕하세요! :)As always, here the homework for Week 7! Homework is to memorize the words we learned on Sunday and write complete sentences using those words! So on Sunday, we learned the names for Day, or 요일. 월요일, 화요일, 수요일, 목요일, 금요일, 토요일, 일요일 are equivalent to Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat and Sunday. Very straight forward! Also, we learned the expressions for 'The day before yesterday, 그저께', 'Yesterday, 어제', 'Today, 오늘', 'Tomorrow, 내일', and 'The day after tomorrow, 모레'. In English we really don't use direct expressions like 'the day before yesterday' or 'the day after tomorrow', but we use these words quite often in Korea. Therefore, I expect you to memorize them as well. We also went over how to make past tense for the verb '가다', to go. First, make '가다' into a polite form, 가요' Second, drop '요' and add ㅆ어요, where ㅆ as 받침. Then it becomes '갔어요'. Next week, we will learn more verbs that are similar to '가다', where you can use the same strategy to make into polite and past tense forms. Also, for the extracurricular time, (4pm - 4:40pm), we will be having a halloween party for the kids. We will be mostly focusing on giving some Korean-related quiz and handing out candies to kids. If you'd like to join us, please feel free to do so! :) Any question, please let me know! Then I will see you guys on this 일요일.

Have a nice week!

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