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[Adult Class 1] Week 7

Korean Class 10-10 Class note

모두들 안녕하세요! 오늘도 수업 같이 해서 반가웠어요!

오늘 수업이 너무 어려워서 미안해요. Sorry, today's class was so difficult!

Today we practiced more

~해 봐요

~해 봤어요

Then add with ~고 싶어요 (want to do something)

-> ~해 보고 싶어요 (want to try doing~)

-> ~해 보고 싶었어요 (wanted to try doing~)

I know those are hard especially because you have to combine those two :(

Let's keep practicing, and I think we're getting it slowly for sure!

Please find the attachments.

- Classnote

-Class slides

- Homework from last week (if you want to try again - otherwise no writing homework this week!)

- Record file for dictation.

Again, no optional class this coming Wednesday.

I'll see you next week then!

고마워요 :)


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