[Adult Class] Week 8

Summary of Korean Class 10/28 and Homework

Hi All!

Hope you all had great halloween and Sorry for delayed email this week. I'm having such a busy week this week... :( Hope everyone is doing well!

On last Sunday, we learned more verbs that has 'ㅏ' as a vowel of the 'meaning' stem before '다'. For example, '가다', '사다', '타다', '알다' all has a vowel 'ㅏ' for the stems.

And these verbs are separated into two groups; vowel ending and consonant ending groups. For vowel endings, you drop '다' and add 요' to make polite ending present. (가다 -> 가요). To make it past tense, you drop '요' there and add 'ㅆ어요'. (가요 -> 갔어요).

Whereas for consonant ending, you drop '다, and add '아요'. (알다 -> 알아요). To make it past tense, you drop '요' and add 'ㅆ어요'. (알아요 -> 알았어요).

We also learned a new particle, 을/를 for an objective noun! For example 'I know him'. 'Him' is object here, so you need the objective particle 을/를 after the noun.

The homework for this week is to memorize all the verbs from last lesson, and the rules how to make it polite ending for present & past.

This coming Sunday, we will learn more verbs that follow different rules!

Knowing verbs will expand your ability to create your own sentences in Korean drastically!

Also I thought I'd share a link for youtube video that is about the tongue twister we did last week. He explains some translation of the sentences and demonstrates his tongue twister skills! Have fun & and keep practicing for your good pronunciation :)

Source from GO! Billy Korean

Then i will see you guys on Sunday.

Best regards,


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