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[Adult Class 2] Week 5

Korean Class 9-25 Class note

은비씨, thank you for joining my class today :)

저는 today 잡채를 만들어요 with my 친구 for late 추석. (Looks like broken Korean here, but now you know what it means now :) Please find the attachment below. 1. Class slides from last week 2. Class slides from today. 3. Class note 4. Writing homework (we did this together already, but if you want to try it again yourself :) 5. Audio script & record files for your recording homework. Today we learned three consonant ending verbs, 먹다, 읽다, 만들다. Let's explore more verbs next time! :) here's the link for the optional class signup sheet & spotify playlist. I'll see you next time then. Have a great weekend! 유나

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