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[Adult Class] Week 1


어제 만나서 반가웠어요. It was good to see you all yesterday.

어제 우리는 서로 소개하는 시간을 갖고, 좋아하는 영화, 취미에 대해서 이야기했어요. We had a chance to introduce ourselves and had a talk about things like favorite movies and hobbies.

그리고 날씨와 기후를 주제로 다음과 같은 어휘와 표현해 대해서 배웠어요:

And we learned about vocabulary and expressions below that are about weather and climate:

- 날씨, 비, 눈, 장마, 태풍, 사계절, 봄, 여름, 가을, 겨울, 햇빛

- 날씨가 좋다/ 날씨가 나쁘다, 기온이 높다/ 기온이 낮다

- 맑다, 흐리다

- 비가 오다/ 비가 내리다, 눈이 오다/ 눈이 내리다, 비가 그치다/ 눈이 그치다

- 구름이 끼다, 안개가 끼다, 바람이 불다

- 덥다, 따뜻하다, 시원하다, 선선하다, 쌀쌀하다, 춥다

- 계절이 바뀌다

- 날씨가 어때요?

Also, we did a vote on the subject of changing the class time. Including those who were not able to attend the class yesterday, there were 4 of you who voted to push it back to the evening slot and 3 of you said you like to keep the original schedule. So we are going to change the class time to 5:30 in the evening. If this time does not work for you, please let me know ASAP. Please let me know if you have any other comments or concerns. 감사합니다. Thank you. -- Jane Kim

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