[Adult Class] Korean Class Fall Semester - 8/29 (Sun)


Hello All! Welcome to my Korean class this semester. This is a reminder email that the semester starts this coming Sunday and I can't wait to see you all! Although the usual class will be delivered virtually throughout the semester, we will have an in-person class this Sunday. If you can, please plan on attending the class in person this Sunday at school :) And guess what?! We have new students signed up this semester (please welcome them! ). Therefore, we've decided we are going to split the class into two separate ones so we can accomodate individual's Korean skills & levels better. Adult Class#1 (Intermediate) : current students Adult Class#2 (Beginner) : new students (tentatively). If you believe the contents in your class are too difficult or too easy, you're free to try the other class! I just want you to feel most comfortable without feeling rushed or falling behind. I'm always here for you, if you'd like to discuss your options :) We will be having the bi-weekly optional class meeting this semester again (Typically Wednesday evening, unless we decide differently), and anyone can join the class regardless of your current skill levels. (I've already decided on some topics; If you'd like to have a sneak peek, please take a look here! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SrEsEvzckod7nAYYzdZB_i-G4nhVjH52XxcOazFC9jg/edit?usp=sharing) This coming Sunday, we will be introducing ourselves to each other, welcoming new students, and deciding class time if other day rather than Sunday works best for all. I'll also be handing out textbooks. (For current students, we will continue with the textbook from last semester, but I'll be handing out an additional book for your own study material!) If you can't make it this Sunday, I'll hold on to the book, or you can arrange to pick it up at school later. Any other questions or concerns prior to our 1st class, please feel free to reach out to me! I'll see you at 2PM on Sunday at school! (FYI, the school address is : 1331 County Road D Circle E, Vadnais Heights, MN 55109) Thank you :) Yuna

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안녕하세요. 이메일을 늦게 보내서 미안해요. 1. 11/20 Lesson Summary: - Lesson goals: 친구에게 편지를 쓸 수 있어요. 선물, 인사에 대한 어휘와 표현을 배워요. 문법 [에게,한테,께]와 [만]에 대해서 배워요. - 어휘 & 표현 선물, 카드, 편지, 주다(줘요), 보내다(보내요), 쓰다(써요) 반갑다(반가워요), 실례하다

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