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[Adult Class] Semester Summary

Hi All!

The semester is almost over!! Can you believe that? I'd like to thank you all for your time and dedication coming to class on Sunday!  I hope you all enjoyed the Festival of Nations. Due to some communication issues, we were not able to take a full class picture (oh well!) but hope you all enjoyed yummy food and cultural experiences there! Attached is the summary of what we covered this semester. I tried to jam in everything there in a simple way, so it may be lack of explanations. Please take a look, and if you're unsure about something, please go over the class handout, or feel free to shoot me email! I'd be happy to go over it with you. A few announcements here: 1. Registration for Adult Class for Fall semester is open now. If you're planning on signing up for next semester, you would get $10 off if you enroll by 8/11. 2. Are we all okay going to Hoban in Engan on the last day of class for dinner after class? Probably no Karaoke after, but it'd be nice to have a nice farewell party before the semester is over! If you won't be able to make it, please let me know! Otherwise, I'll call and make a reservation next week. This coming Sunday, I'm planning on making some slides to show around Korea. I.e. Some good places to go on a trip in Korea, other less-popular Korean Food that you may not have heard of, etc. So you can learn about some culture instead of some boring grammar time! After the class, I will send you the slides so you can refer to it later! Then I will see you this Sunday! Best regards, Yuna


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