[Adult Class] Week 1

Summary of Korean Class 2/17 and Homework

안녕하세요! :)

It was nice to meet you all yesterday! It was exciting to meet you all, share our unique & different experiences, and our interests in learning Korean!  I do understand making out of your way only to come to the class on Sundays is not an easy thing, but now that you've decided to be more proactive about learning Korean, I think you should be proud of yourself!! Again - I apologize for the somewhat organized first class but now that I have a somewhat better understanding of each of you guys' Korean level, I think I will have an easier time to prepare for classes this semester.

Going forward, I will have two levels of homework ready - one for what we will be covering during the class and the other for advanced level students. The latter one is completely optional. This is just to help you get better learning experience throughout the semester.

So.. who gives out homework after the 1st class?! (Sorry, I do!!!)

Since we only meet once a week, I will give out more homework than usual but since we actually haven't started our lesson, you might find it difficult especially if you're not familiar with numbers just yet. 

The homework for this week is about numbers 1~10 in Korean. There are two different number systems in Korean actually, but we will start with Sino Korean.

Please find the attached, get familiar with the numbers & how it sounds. 

Here's the link for the youtube video that help you guide thru the pronunciation especially!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-Y38WrlAQk&t=26s

We will go over this again during the class, so no worries even if you don't enough time to get them memorized this week :)

Also, like I mentioned earlier, I'd like to get the max out of the extra curricular time we have if you don't want to join those activities. We will be meeting in the smaller room upstairs, and focus more on individual interests. It could be grammar, conversational Korean, cultural aspects, or even your future plans for your trip to Korea!. 

Also if you need additional help, I'm willing to meet earlier than 2:00 pm to help you catch up with some skills. Just let me know! I'm here to help, and I hop you get the most out of it throughout the semester.

The optional advanced homework for this week is:

"In short sentences,  describe a person that you like in Korean". It could be your family, friend, or anyone you can think of. I will be correcting your sentences and giving you advice accordingly. 

Any comment or suggestion, please feel free to let me know anytime!

I will see you all next Sunday.

Stay warm!

Best regards,



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