[Adult Class] Week 1

Korean Class 2-20


It was good to see you on Zoom yesterday. I hope you enjoyed the first lesson.

Here are some stuff we talked about yesterday:

- The history of Hangul, the Korean alphabet

- Korean syllable blocks

- Jaeum, the consonants of Korean alphabets - their names, pronunciation, stroke orders and how each consonant is shaped after the vocal organs that are used to articulate each sound

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the lesson yesterday.

Also, the school will divide the class into two groups - beginner and intermediate levels, to make sure everyone feels comfortable and motivated in the class.

So I need you to tell me which class you would want to be in:

1. Beginner Class

- Introduction to Hangul

- To develop low-beginning level skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing Korean language

- To learn basic sentence structures and grammatical patterns and everyday expressions

- To acquire and use more vocabulary

2. Intermediate Class

- Designed for those who are able to read and write Hangul and had prior knowledge of Korean language

- To improve communication skills on topics frequently encountered in the daily life after learning basic Korean

- To develop competence in fluency and grammatical accuracy as well as advanced vocabulary on various topics

- To acquire a knowledge about Korean culture by learning Korean expressions, customs, and social issues

Please let me know ASAP by replying to this email which of the two classes you would like to be in. I would need to hear from you as soon as possible so that I can work on finalizing the student list for both classes.

We will also need to work out the schedule for the two classes. Once we figure out who takes which class, I will communicate with you in regards to the date and time of each class.

Thank you so much for your cooperation and patience. I will try my best to accommodate and make your learning experience fun and comfortable.


Jane Kim

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