[Adult Class] Week 11

Korean School 5-9

Hi All! Sorry for the technical issues today :(

I didn't think Webex was going to betray me like this!!! I will get it resolved before next week.

Anyway, please find the attached class slides & notes. And I was really happy to hear that you learned more of practical Korean throughout this semester that you can actually use. Let's keep it rolling!! yay!

Keep working on your awesome verb skills! We don't have any homework this week. Just I'd like you to go over the class notes for the semester. We are doing the semester review next week together anyway, but it would be the great time to ask me questions!

One thing I'd like to correct - now I think about it, "기르다" becomes "기를 거예요" because "ㄹ" is added under "르", the second syllable right before "다", instead of the first syllable "기" for the future tense.

However, when it comes to the polite ending form, it changes with an exception into 길러요 (I know, everybody hates exceptions!!). Like I mentioned in the class, people do say it "길를 거예요" by accident because its polite ending form is "길러요", but "기를 거예요" is the correct form.

Sorry for the confusion and hope it helps.

Also if you can think of any verbs that you'd like to know how to say in Korea, please bring a list! I will show & explain how it changes into 5 different forms.

We only have two more weeks to go!

Thank you always!


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