[Adult Class] Week 13

수업일: 2022. 5. 22(일) 2:00-4:40


오늘 만나서 반가웠습니다. It was really great to see you today.

As we talked about fall semester 2022, Ms. Jane will instruct you for both beginner and intermediate classes.

We had 김밥 Kimbap, 식혜 Rice drink, and 부침개 Vegetable pancake. Please find some pictures.

Here are ingredients:

김밥 재료:

김 (Seaweed)

밥 (cooked 쌀. 쌀 rice - before cook)

단무지 (pickled and sweet radish)

당근 (carrot)

시금치 (spinach)

달걀 (egg)

우엉 (burdock)

맛살 (imitation crab)

부침개 재료:

부추 (chives)

양파 (onion)

당근 (carrot)

새우 (shrimp)

맛살 (imitation crab)

부침가루 - These are seasoned flours. You can find it at Korean markets.

Hope you have a great summer vacation. See you in Fall! 여름 방학 즐겁게 보내세요. 우리 가을학기에 만나요. 감사합니다.


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