[Adult Class] Week 2

Korean Class 2-28

Hi All! Thank you for joining my class today.

Please find the attached; slides, class note and homework for today. Please make some time to do your homework :)

Also, some of you would like to attend the Mask Dance class, and preferably one-day class, instead of two separate classes. I'll discuss it with the principal and let you know on the date.

Reminder: we're going to have an optional class this coming Friday (3/5) at 6:30 PM. As the name suggests, it's completely optional, but hope you all join me. We're going to talk about Bullies in Korea and some cultures around it.

Oh and lastly, this is the link to the video we were watching during the break if you'd like to finish it :)


Any questions, please feel free to let me know anytime!


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