[Adult Class] Week 2


노동자의 날 (Labor Day) 잘 보냈어요?

이번 주 수업 요약(summary)하고 광고예요. 잘 읽어보세요.

1. Lesson #3 on Sunday, September 11 @ 5:30 PM

We will have lesson #3 on the upcoming Sunday at 5:30 PM.

2. September 18 class reschedule

Since some of you cannot make it to Friday, September 16, let's figure out another date that works for everyone. Again, if we cannot find one date, I am willing to do two different classes to make up for a class on Sunday, September 18. THERE IS NO CLASS ON SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 18.

The dates I have in mind are:

Monday, September 19 @ 6:30 PM

Friday, September 23 @ 6 PM

Please check your schedule and let me know which of the following dates work for you during our lesson on Sunday.

3. Google Classroom

If you have not joined our Google Classroom yet, please do so by clicking the link

Let me know if you need any help with joining Google Classroom.

4. 9/4 Lesson summary:

- We talked about different expressions about exercise/sports.

* (운동)을 하다 = (운동)하다: 축구, 야구, 농구, 수영, 배구, 요가, 태권도, 체조, 줄넘기, 씨름, 양궁, 팔굽혀 펴기, 윗몸 일으키기 and many more types of sports go with the verb 하다

* (운동)을 치다 = (운동)치다: 탁구, 볼링, 배드민턴, 테니스, 골프 and a few other types of sports go with the verb 치다 because they require hitting something with one's hands or something your hands grab like a racket

* Other sports/exercise that go with other verbs: ex) "마라톤"을 뛰다, "자전거"를 타다

* (연습)을 하다 = (연습)하다: ex) 수영 연습을 해요 = 수영을 연습해요

- -부터 (starting from, since) attached after a noun indicate when the action or the state has started, is starting, or will start.

* ex) 오늘부터 아침에 운동을 해요.

* this can also be used with -까지: ...부터 ...까지 (ex. 1월부터 5월까지 한국어 공부를 했어요.)

Please let me know if you have any questions.

안녕히 계세요.

Please let me know anytime if you have questions.

Thank you and have a good week!


Jane Kim

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