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[Adult Class] Week 3

Summary of Korean Class 3/3 and Homework

안녕하세요! 잘 지냈어요?

Sorry for the late email! My week has been so busy for me(which is not a good excuse!) Sorry for being a 나쁜 선생님! ㅠㅠ

Last Sunday, I think we did lots of practice in Korean Sino Numbers! Once you've got enough practice, now you can officially count until 99,999,999! (Side note: The unit for 100,000,000 is called '억', which I mentioned briefly in the class)

Let's keep practicing! The 1st part of homework for this week is to memorize 1-10 in Native Korean, and the 2nd part (optional) homework is more practice reading numbers in Sino Korean. 

We will go over the native numbers on Sunday, but if you want to know how they should be pronounced, please look up some videos like :


Hope this helps!

Also, we practiced some conversational Korean - how to buy things. Please remember how to say "how much is it", '얼마예요?", "It's too expensive", "너무 비싸요", It's so cheap", "너무 싸요"!

The advanced optional homework for this week (for those who wants to practice writing in Korean) is to pick a Korean song, try to translate it in English. -- You do not need to translate the whole song! 5-7 sentences should be enough. **WARNING WARNING** Please do not try to google it (or use translator). It's important that you try it yourself :)

Also, here's an interesting video I thought I'd share. If you often watch Korean TV shows, you might notice even if Korea is such a small country, there are so many dialects! it may be hard to notice for you, but I thought it'd be interesting for you guys:

If you have any question, please feel free to let me know!

I hear we're expecting some snow this weekend... (AGAIN!) Hope everyone stays warm and safe. Then I will see you on Sunday!

안녕히 계세요!

Best regards,


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