[Adult Class] Week 4

Summary of Korean Class 3/10 and Homework

안녕하세요! 잘 지냈어요?

저는 잘 지냈어요 :) However, we're expecting some rainy days for the next few days. Hopefully it gets thru easy so we can finally have beautiful spring!!!

Last Sunday, we practiced more for Native Korean Numbers. Now we know how to count till 10 in Native numbers too! On the top of that, we learned three units, 개(general objects), 마리(animal), 살 (age, years old).

Please remember when using these units, some of the native numbers change a little bit.

하나 becomes  '한' before the unit. Ex) 한 마리

둘 becomes '두' before the unit. Ex) 두 살

셋 becomes '세' before the unit. Ex) 세 개

넷 becomes '네' before the unit. Ex) 네 마리

스물 becomes '스무' before the unit. Ex) 스무 마리

Attached is the homework for this week - I want you to memorize some Korean words that are related to places. (School, restaurant, etc) We're going to learn how to say 'where you are going' in Korean this coming Sunday.

Also, additional optional homework for those who wants to practice more native numbers :) -- it's in the second page.

The advanced optional homework for this week (for those who wants to practice writing in Korean) is to write a short letter to me! In the letter, you could say things like anything you want to share, tell me a little bit about yourself, or recommend some movies, whatever you want to tell me! -- it doesn't need to be personal!

Also, here's an interesting video I thought I'd share this week: It's about the cultural differences between Korea and America. Hope you enjoy! 

Then have a great rest of the week, and I will see you on Sunday!

Best regards,