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[Adult Class] Week 5

Summary of Korean Class 3/17 and Homework

안녕하세요!!!! 잘 지냈어요?

I'm glad I'm writing this on 화요일, instead of 수요일 this week! (yay!)

The weather has been really shiny, although it's still a bit chilly. Hope the spring comes soon for a perfect grilling weather! :)

Last 일요일, we learned how to say Monday~Sunday

월, 화, 수, 목, 금, 토, 일요일!

Here are some videos that will help you memorize the days of the week in  Korean! (Even if you already know, I still recommend you watch it for your better pronunciation, etc!)

Also, we practiced how to say year/month/date, and say when your birthday is in Korean. Please find the homework, where you can practice more of the date using Sino Korean numbers!

As for the words I had you memorized last week, we're going to use them more on this coming Sunday. We will practice more how to way 'you're going to ~place at what time, etc~' as a full sentence. Don't get scared! We will do it together.

Also, some of the students requested me that they would like to study some advanced korean words. So Here i'm attaching another homework sheet that you are free to study & memorize.

Also, the optional writing assignment for this week is : to write about your favorite K-pop band that you want to introduce to your friend who does not know anything about K-Pop. You can explain why you like them, what's cool about them, and why your friend should also listen to their music, etc. Try to be convincing and creative!

This coming Sunday, we're going to watch a short video about Korean traditional wedding, and have some craft time making some cute 꽃가마 (flower-decorated palanquin) used during Korean traditional wedding during extra curricular activity time, 4:00 PM - 4:40 PM. You are free to join this activity and the little kids would actually appreciate our help if you all could join and help!

Please be a good 학생, keep working on your Korean using the materials we've already going thru, and don't forget to do your home!

Then I will see you on this coming 일요일!


Best regards,



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