[Adult Class] Week 5

Korean Class 3-21


Thank you for joining my class today! A couple of announcements today. 1. Optional class this Friday at 6:30PM for sure! 2. Our telephone interview test will be help on the week of April 11th. Please sign up here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19L_gSVPez0UFuF-KGPaUcQ70M0UVyMgro0dYlW-c608/edit?usp=sharing As I said, you will receive a test sheet 10 minutes prior to the test, and you will be requested to answer my questions in Korean, as well as ask me questions, and understand my responses. I know it sounds overwhelming but I think you will improve a lot from this experience. Most importantly, it should be fun! 3. Lastly, no class on 4/4 for Easter! Attached are the slides from today, classnote, and sample practice test sheet you can study with. Please go over the class material from previous semesters, do your studying and come back with any questions we have. We will go over those topics and do lots of practice together! Thanks all & have a great week. Yuna

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