[Adult Class] Week 6

Korean Class 3-28

Hi All!

I hope you had a fun time with me doing this 'mock test' for the telephone interview :)

(I'm sorry 에리코씨 for not being able to make it..!)

We will have more practice before the actual test, so don't be so scared!

Please find the attached; slides, classnote and homework.

This week's homework is to write down each sentence in Korean as if you were answering my questions.

Also have below questions ready for the interview as your cheatsheet :)

이름이 뭐예요? What’s your name? 몇 살이에요? How old are you? 생일이 언제예요? When is your birthday? 취미가 뭐예요? What’s your hobby? 강아지 있어요? Do you have dogs? 제일 좋아하는 음식이 뭐예요? What’s your favorite food? 제일 싫어하는 음식이 뭐예요? What’s your least favorite food?

You can sign up for your time here:


Lastly, we do not have class next Sunday 4/4 for Easter!

I'll see you on 4/11 instead. Have a good easter.


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