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[Adult Class] Week 8

Summary of Korean Class 4/7 and Homework

안녕하세요? Happy 수요일이에요!

Sadly, we're expecting tons and tons of snow over the next couple days. Hope everyone stay safe!

4월 7일 일요일에 we learned four main rules how to make dictionary form verbs into polite ending. Let's review the four rules!

Rule 1) When a verb ends with a vowel 'ㅏ'+다 : drop '다' and add '요. ex) 사다 -> 사요

Rule 2) When a verb is a consonant ending but its vowel is 'ㅏ' before '다' + drop '다' and add '아요' ex) 알다 -> 알아요

Rule 3) When the syllable of a verb before '다' does not include 'ㅏ' vowel : drop '다' and add '어요'. ex) 읽다 -> 읽어요

Rule 4) When a verb ends with '하다' -> replace '하다' with '해요' ex) 사랑하다 -> 사랑해요.

Next Sunday, we will use these rules and some new objective nouns to make real sentences! It's going to be fun!

Therefore, this week's homework is to memorize some nouns that can be used with some of the verbs we learned. Optional homework is to memorize additional verbs that was in the last page of last classes handout. Also attached homework includes the advanced vocabulary list that's related to Kitchen & dinning. Feel free to study them if you'd like :)

And a friendly reminder that we're planning on a field trip to Festival of Nations on 5월 5일 일요일 (2PM - 5PM) We will be meeting at the Rivercenter in Saint Paul. Tickets are covered for teachers and students, but parking fee isn't. 

If you'd like to invite guests, please let me or the principal Young Ran know as soon as you find out, so she can order tickets at a discounted price for them. Discounted ticket prices are $10 for adults, $8 for youth, and free for children ages 5 and under. You could pay for additional tickets to Young Ran later. The deadline to register for group tickets is April 19th, so let her know before then!

I will ask you again during the class on Sunday if you're planning on coming or not! 

Also, our last day of class is May 19th, Sunday. (Still more than a month go!!) Some have suggested we should have a farewell party when the semester is over. Some ideas might be to go get Korean chicken, Korean BBQ, Korean food, or just cook out somewhere. (삼겹살?) If you have any idea, please share it with us during the class!

This week's recommended video : 

This is about a Korean girl who experienced some culture shocks here in America. I thought it would be interesting for you to imagine about culture differences between Korea and America from korean's point of view. Enjoy!

Stay warm & safe!

Thank you always -



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