[Adult Class] Week 8

Korean School 4-18

Hi all!

Thanks for joining my class today.

This week's homework :

1. Attached homework sheet (making sentences using ~서, "because~"

2. Memorize words on the textbook page 71.

Again, we will continue with the phone interview this week for the three remaining ones, 은유씨, 민철씨, 준서씨. Please don't forget your scheduled time& let me know if you need to reschedule! (Also, have your email, note & pen ready for the test)

5/2, 탈춤 is scheduled from 2pm, but we're having our regular class that day with me at 10am prior to the dance class.

Thank you 에리씨 & 채원씨 for participating the interview last week! I hope you found it helpful :)

I'll see you next week! Have a great week.


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