[Adult Class] Week 9

Korean School 4-25

Hi All!

We missed Betsy today :( but I'd like to thank you all for participating in the phone interview test! I hope it was a great opportunity for you to show off your amazing korean skills :p

The semester is about to end in a month, but I'd like to have one more phone test as a part of our final semester wrap-up test. I'll give you more details later!

Again, next week (5/2) is the mask dance class. Since I won't be there, we're having our regular class at 10am that day. I've already sent you the Webix invitation link, so please add it to your google calendar, or set yourself an alarm so you won't accidentally forget the class.

After the class, you can be at school by 2PM. I'll talk to the principal and ask more details about what's going on.

One more news! No homework today as we were able to get it done during the class! Just keep working on your vocabulary and watch lots of Korean dramas this week.

I'll see you at 10am on Sunday then.

Thank you!


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