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[Adult Class] Week 9


어제 우리 수업 내용이에요.

1. [-(으)ㄹ 수 있다] & [-(으)ㄹ 수 없다] & [못] 복습했어요.

2. [관심이 있다/ 관심이 없다] 표현을 배웠어요

- 관심이 많아요 "I am very much interested."

3. [-고] in between 2 or more action verbs to indicate that is the timely order that the actions happen

ex) 먹다 + 운동하다 -> 먹고 운동해요 "I eat first and exercise." - optional words: 먼저 "first" & 그 다음에 "after that" (ex. 먼저 먹고 그 다음에 운동해요.)

4. [-은 후에] in between two action verbs; same as [-고]

ex) 먹다 + 운동하다 -> 먹은 후에 운동해요 "I exercise after eating."

Don't forget to register for the Korean calligraphy class on Saturday. You are welcome to invite your friends and family to this event. And if you need a copy of yesterday's lesson recording, please let me know. 다음 주에 만나요! 감사합니다.

-- Jane Kim

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