[Beginner] Week 5


Lesson Summary 3-20


Please see below for yesterday's lesson summary:

- Subject marker -이/-가'

1. Differences between the subject marker -이/-가 and the topic marker -은/-는:

-이/-가 focuses on the subject & "a/an" in English vs -은/-는 focuses on the description & "the" in English

2. When the subject marker -가 is added to 나, 저, 누구 it becomes: 내가, 제가, 누가

- Possessives: possessor + 의

1. 나의 (내), 저의 (제), 너의 (네), 당신의, 그의, 그녀의, 그들의, 우리의

2. 나의 것 (내 것), 너의 것 (네 것), 당신의 것 (당신 것), 그의 것 (그 사람 것), 그들의 것 (그들 것), 우리의 것 (우리 것)

- Question word 누구 (who/whose)

1. 누구예요? (Who is...?)

2. 누구+noun: 누구 친구예요? (Whose friend are you?)

- Culture class: the term "우리" over "나" to emphasize the community over individuality

Hope this helps. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions.


Jane Kim

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