[Beginner] Week 8


Lesson Summary 4-10


Please see below for the lesson summary from yesterday.

1. Writing & Reading dates in Korean

- Correct order to write a date in Korean is: year -> month -> day -> day of the week

- Use Sino-Korean numbers to read the numbers of year, month and day and add 년 for year, 월 for month, 일 for day (ex. 이천이십이 년 사 월 이십오 일)

- 유월 (June) & 시월 (October) are two exceptions for pronunciation

- Days of the week & the question "오늘 무슨 요일이에요?"

- Difference between the question words 언제 "when" (for asking about time in general) and 며칠 "what day" (for asking about a specific date)

- Additional vocabulary: 어제, 오늘, 내일 / 지난주, 이번 주, 다음 주 / 지난달, 이번 달, 다음 달 / 지난해 (작년), 이번 해 (올해), 다음 해 (내년)

2. Time particle -에

- difference between time particle -에 & place particle -에

- DO NOT PUT the time particle -에 after: 언제, 어제, 오늘, 내일, 이따

3. Expressing time in Korean

- Native Korean numbers for hour "시" & Sino-Korean numbers for minute "분"

- Vocabulary: 오전=AM, 오후=PM, 아침=morning, 낮=afternoon, 저녁=late afternoon, 밤=evening, 새벽=dawn, 자정=midnight, 정오=noon, 전에=before, 후에=after, 아까=a little while ago, 지금=now, 이따가=a little while later

- Question word 몇 시 "what time" (ex. 지금 몇 시예요?)

- Question word 몇 시에 for action verbs "at what time?" (ex. 몇 시에 밥 먹어요?)

4. Time particle -부터 -까지 "from - to -"

Please let me know if you have any questions.

This week, you have a lot of homework so I hope that will keep you busy Do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions about the homework, too! Jane Kim

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