[Intermediate] Week 11


Lesson summary 5-8


Please see below for the summary from yesterday's lesson:

1. -아/-어 보다 "to try to (verb), to have done (verb)"

- PAST TENSE: -아/-어 봤어요 "I have done (verb)" To describe something you have done in the past & it works to form a question and a statement

ex) 전화해 봤어요, 말해 봤어요, 읽어 봤어요

- PRESENT TENSE: -아/-어 보세요 "Why don't you..." "You should try..." When trying to suggest to someone to try something

ex) 만들어 보세요, 먹어 보세요, 와 보세요

- FUTURE TENSE: -아/-어 볼게요 "I will..." To describe something you have resolved to do

ex) 만들어 볼게요, 입어 볼게요, 이겨 볼게요

2. -고 싶다 "to want to (verb)"

- To express a desire to do something

- PAST TENSE: -고 싶었어요 "I wanted to ..." (ex. 쉬고 싶었어요, 공부하고 싶었어요, 보고 싶었어요)

- PRESENT TENSE: -고 싶어요 "I want to..." (ex. 자고 싶어요, 씻고 싶어요, 먹고 싶어요)

- FUTURE TENSE: -고 싶을 거예요 "I will want to..." (보고 싶을 거예요, 오고 싶을 거예요)

3. Questions with -지 않아요? "Isn't it?"

- A polite way to ask for assurance

- ex) 춥지 않아요? "Isn't it cold?" 어렵지 않아요? "Isn't it difficult?"

질문 있으면 알려 주세요.


Jane Kim

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