[Intermediate] Week 6


Lesson summary 3-27


Please see below for the lesson summary from yesterday:

1. Culture class - the term "우리"

We use the term "우리" to emphasize community over individuality (ex. 우리 집, 우리 엄마, 우리 아빠, 우리 회사, 우리 학교, 우리 나라)

2. Verb "to wear" in Korean

We looked at different terms that mean "to wear" (ex. 입다, 쓰다, 끼다, 신다...)

3. Verbs in the past tense

Make a verb the present tense -> Take out -요 at the end -> Add -ㅆ어요 (No irregulars! The rule applies to all descriptive verbs & action verbs)

4. Negating the past tense verbs

You would negate the same way with the word '안' as you would negate with a verb in the present tense

- All descriptive verbs & -아요, -어요 action verbs: add 안 before the verb in the past tense (ex. 안 먹었어요)

- -해요 action verbs: add 안 in between a noun and 했어요 (ex. 공부 안 했어요)

5. The superlative 제일 "the most"

When you want to say something is the most or the best, use 제일 before the descriptive verb whether it is a question or an answer (ex. 무슨 영화가 제일 재미있었어요? 코미디 영화가 제일 재미있었어요.)

6. Comparisons using 더 "more"

- When comparing two things, use 더 before the descriptive verb to mean "more." Use the marker 보다 is an optional after the thing of comparison. (ex. 여름이 (겨울보다) 더 좋아요.)

- Use 중에서 when asking someone to make a choice among a group of things (ex. 빨간색하고 파란색 중에서 뭐가 더 좋아요?)

I am also sending you the link of the PPT slides, which you can also find on our Google Classroom.

질문 있으면 알려주세요.


Jane Kim

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