[Intermediate] Week 8


Lesson summary 4-10

안녕하세요. Please see below for the lesson summary from yesterday:

1. 못 "cannot"

- Only with action verbs

- Placement is the same as 안 "don't"

- Works with the present, past and future tense verb

2. Reading prices

- 일, 십, 백, 천, 만, 십만, 백만, 천만, 억, 십억, 백억, 천억, 조, 십조, 백조, 천조...

- Numbers sharing the same basic unit (만, 억, 조) are read together as one word (ex. 6,250,000 - 육백 이십 오만)

- Korean coins and paper bills and pictures on each money

- Question word 얼마: 얼마예요?

- 주세요 "Please give me (a noun)"

- add 좀 after the object to add formality (ex. 물 좀 주세요)

Let me know if you have any questions. 감사합니다!

Jane Kim

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