학생반 등록 Student Registraion

2022년 가을학기
Fall 2022 Student class

기간: 8월 28일-12월 4일 (Aug. 28-Dec. 4)

수강료 Tuition : $160(학생당/student)

​대면수업 Face-to-face Class

온라인수업 Zoom class

* If you choose Zoom class, please contact us.


        Class 1 (ZOOM)

When: Sundays, *10am – 12:40pm

Who: 5 years old & up, Max. 4 students


This class is for beginners who don’t know Korean at all. With a 13-week curriculum, one consonant and words related to that consonant are taught each week through various games and activities. Vowels will also be taught from the 3rd week. The instructor experienced that teaching consonants and vowels separately was not effective. The syllabus will be sent to enrolled students.

        Class 1 & 2 (In-Person)

When: Sundays, 2pm – 4:40pm

Who: Pre-K through 4th grader

This is face-to-face class.

        Class 3 (ZOOM)

When: Sundays, 2pm – 4:40pm

Who: 5th grader & Up


Students should be able to read and write Korean. They

read one picture book every week and discuss with an instructor and classmates. They create their own picture book during the semester. In order to avoid unnecessary time in translating words to words, books with English versions will be selected as possible.

성인반 등록 Adult Registraion

Fall 2022
Adult Zoom Class

Offered AUG 28 - DEC 4

Tuition : $160 per student

Adult classes are virtual classes.

Face-to-face class will be open.

* If you choose F2F class, please contact us.


        Adult Zoom class 

          - Intermediate


When: Sundays, 2pm – 4:40pm

Who: Intermediate


This is Zoom class for intermediates.

        Adult Zoom class 

          - Beginner

When: *TBD

Who: Beginner


This is Zoom class for beginners. Time & date will be decided after discussion between students and the instructor.*

        Adult F2F class

When: Sundays, 2pm – 4:40pm

Who: High school students & Up


This is face-to-face class for adults.