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[Adult Class] Week 8 (3/17)

안녕하세요! 좋은 아침이에요 :)

이번 주도 행복하게 보내길 바랄게요!

Please find the attached files!

- Classnote

- Class slides

- Sound file

We will have listening & dictation homework this week. Please listen to the attached sound file and write sentences in Korean as you hear! It will be a difficult & time-consuming task, but I really do think it will be a good asset for you one day!

Feel free to use the attached wheelplayer.exe file. Personally I used this player when I studied English many many years ago while prepping to come study abroad here, and it was the easiest player for repeating. Simply use the wheel on your mouse up/down to go backward/forward to repeat.

I think for the rest of semester, we will go over basic particles (을/를, 에/에서, 의, etc), how to make polite ending, how to make past/future tense, etc just to refresh our memories while still applying new expressions/grammar we've learned so far.


다음주 일요일에 만나요!


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