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[Adult Class] Week 2

Summary of Korean Class 9/16 and Homework

Hi Folks! Happy Monday! Since only two of you guys were able to make it yesterday, for the other two who couldn't make it, I've decided to rush into writing this email to you guys for the class note and homework from yesterday. Yesterday, we covered subjective particles (은/는) and basic polite ending (이에요/예요). Grammar is always scary but I believe you should be able to get it with the class note even if you couldn't make it to class yesterday. We learned how to make sentences for A is B(or None A is None B) into Korean way using the particles and the polite ending. For example, 제 이름 유나예요. '은' is a subjective particle that comes after a consonant ending letter, and 예요 is a polite ending that comes after a vowel ending letter. The subjective particle indicates what the subject noun is in the sentence, and polite ending make the sentence 'polite' and 'honorific' as you don't want to talk down in Korean to other people! Please take you time to read thru the class note and let me know if you have any question. The last page has Native Korean number system but we didn't actually get to cover it yesterday. I'm planning on covering this next Sunday.  I also highlighted 'Minutes, Seconds' and 'Hours' in yellow on that page because I found out that I accidentally flipped these two in last week's note. Just wanted to let you know Minutes, Seconds use Sino Korean and Hours use Native Korean number, not the other way. My bad! We will go over this next Sunday. I am also attaching homework.  I expect you to memorize 8 words on the first page(we will have a vocabulary quiz!) and the second page is to write Korean sentences using the grammar we learned. Hopefully it's not too difficult :) Also, I was informed we will be making some Korean food (송편, 동그랑땡) during extracurricular activity class next Sunday (to celebrate Korean Thanksgiving, 추석). We will be helping little kids there as well. Hope we enjoy it all! If you have any question, please feel free to let me know! I will see you guys next Sunday then. Best regards, Yuna


Class note and homework

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