[Adult Class] Week 5

Summary of Korean Class 10/7 and homework

Hi All!!

I was happy to see everyone could make it last Sunday (finally!). I know we all are busy people, and things always come up but I appreciate your efforts to come to school on Sundays.

On Sunday, 10/7, we did brief recap on the things we've been over so far. Such as:

- Particles (subjective particle 은/는, possessive particle 의, and time&place particle 에)

- Numbers (Native/Sino Korean numbers, units, time & date)

- Verb and polite ending (가다, to go)

- Sentence structures

Therefore, this week's homework is inclusive of all that we've learned so far. If you find yourself lost somewhere doing this homework, I strongly recommend you go back to previous week's class note! Again, as always, please feel free to let me know if you have any questions!

Also, keep practicing those numbers, time and date!!! Challenge yourself whenever you have a chance to look at calendar & clock, try to say it in Korean. :)

One more thing - what's happening this Sunday at school? The school and the Korean American Association of Minnesota are going to have a Fundraising bazaar. Some Korean goodies & food will be on sale. Since this will be held in school during usual school hours, we will need to have joint class with other adult class that day to have some space for bazaar.

So far, we've been heavily focusing on grammar, and making sentences, so I do believe this would be a great time to practice speaking & sharing cultural aspects with other students. I will be still checking your homework & answering to questions that day. Hope this plan is alright with you guys.

Please find the attached for homework & I will see you on Sunday then!

Best regards,


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