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[Adult Class 2] Week 11

Korean Class 11-13 Class note

안녕하세요, 은비씨! Sorry I meant to send this email yesterday so you have something to study/work on this week.

I'm attaching a few handouts from previous semester that you might use to study :)

- Sino Korean numbers (including BIG numbers. (FYI, 100,000,000 is called "억", which is a new unit for the 8-digits - this unit is typically used when buying a house.)

- Native Korean numbers. We haven't talked about 'unit' that's typically used with Native numbers, so you can skip the page 2 for now.

Also, THANK YOU for doing your journal writing homework! It's awesome to see your writing skills are improving :). Before we go over it together, you may want to try to see if you can fix some errors yourself first? :) Here are some hints:

- Polite ending for Consonant/Vowel endings.

- Some spelling errors :p

- Numbers & dates.

Thank you!


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