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[Adult Class] Week 1


It was nice meeting you all last Sunday! And I thank you for input to those who has responded to my separate email about what you'd like to learn throughout this semester. If you haven't responded yet, I'd be grateful if you could do it soon! I'll try my best to accommodate your own level of Korean skills. This semester, we're going to use this book. "Integrated Korean Beginning 1, 2nd edition"

This book is used in Korean class at the University of Minnesota, so if you're planning on taking Korean classes at the U of M in the future, you may see this book again. I'll make copies for you all so you're not required to purchase this book. If you'd like, you may order it from Amazon. Also if you'd like an extra challenge, you may also consider ordering a workbook for this textbook. 

Other than this book, I'll occasionally make my own class materials to adjust our lesson plans. (Try to be more flexible!)

Only a not-so-generous teacher gives you homework on the 1st week, so I'm not going to make it mandatory but attached is the list of vocabulary we will be using next Sunday during the class. Feel free to take a look, try to sound it out, write it down, memorize it, or whatever you'd like to do! Not required - but it's going to help :) . We will practice together how to pronounce them correctly so no worries if you don't have enough time or get scared!

Next Sunday, we will also have a special activity. -- Korean Tea Ceremony (Tea drinking Ettiquette). It's more like a cultural practice we follow historically when we drink Tea. it includes not only drinking tea itself, but also how to brew tea, how to be polite when drinking tea with others, etc. You're recommended to wear hanbok if you have any! I'm planning on wearing a modernized hanbok.

When you have time, please refer to the video below!

If you have any question, please feel free to let me know!

Best regards,



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