[Adult Class] Week 11 - Distance learning

April 5, 2020

안녕하세요! 잘 지냈어요?

Sorry for the late email! Attached is the record file for tongue twisters we practiced last week. (last one - we skipped it but I thought it would be a good practice still!) You can take your time to do your homework as I did not send it early enough  (미안해요!) -- You may do it by next Thursday?

Also, we are going to have a class tomorrow as usual. I will send out the invite shortly.

Below is the script for the tongue twisters.

간장공장 공장장은 강 공장장이고

된장공장 공장장은 공 공장장이다

육통 통장 적금통장은 황색 적금통장이고

팔통 통장 적금통장은 녹색 적금통장이다

네가 그린 기린 그림은 못 그린 기린 그림이고

내가 그린 기린 그림은 잘 그린 기린 그림이다

(Please note '네' and '내' are technically different pronunciations! Only subtle difference)

Thank you!


Hello All!

Attached is the vocabulary list we'll be using today. If you could print it or write it down in advance, you may find it helpful throughout the class! Then I'll see you at 2PM!


Hi All!

Thank you so much for joining me today! It was good to see everybody could make it!

Attached is the class material we just did today. Let me know if you have any questions as always! Stay healthy and I'll see you next Sunday :) Yuna

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