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[Adult Class] Week 6

안녕하세요. 좋은 아침이에요!

우리 어제 수업 내용이에요. 그리고 숙제는 Google Classroom에 있어요.

1. Homework

Your homework is posted on Google Classroom. Please let me know if you have any questions about the homework.

2. 10/2 Lesson summary:

- Grammar #1: -지만 is a conjunctive ending used to admit what comes before while adding an objection or a different fact right after (means "though")

* ex) 음식이 맵지만 맛있어요.

* ex) 한국어 공부가 어렵지만 재미있어요.

- Grammar #2: 보다 is added after a noun to indicate the comparison target when comparing different items

* ex) 주스가 커피보다 비싸요 / 커피보다 주스가 비싸요 (the order does not matter)

* can be used with the word 더 which means "more" (ex. 주스가 커피보다 더 비싸요)

- Culture class: idiom [옷이 날개다]

* Literal translation: clothes are wings

* It means "fine clothes make the man": wearing fancy clothes enhances one's image.

- Culture class: slang [깜놀]

* Short form of 깜짝 놀라다 "to be startled"

* 깜놀+하다 = 깜놀해요. 깜놀했어요

* ex) 놀이공원에 사람이 너무 많아서 깜놀했어요


질문있으면 연락해 주세요!


Jane Kim

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