[Intermediate] Week 5


Lesson summary 3-20


Please see below for yesterday's lesson summary:

- Markers & terms meaning 'and, also, too'

1. 하고 (and) in between two nouns (ex. 커피하고 빵, 책하고 컴퓨터, 기침하고 두통)

2. -와/-과 (and) in between two nouns (ex. 엄마와 아빠, 김치와 밥)

3. -도 (also) after a noun in the second sentence (ex. 한국어를 공부해요. 그리고 프랑스어도 공부해요.)

- New vocabulary: body parts & medical terms

- New phrases: hospital-related phrases

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Jane Kim

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